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Wedding photography price guide


    • Our photography rate is £200p/h for your primary photographer and £50p/h for additional photographers
    • Video
      • Wedding highlight, with ceremony and speeches – £800,
      • Ceremony only- £150 (not available for full day weddings)
    • Prints & albums available from your online gallery

    Typical times for weddings

    Working out how long you will need your photographer for can be a bit more of an art than a science. For example, elopements can last as long as traditional wedding days if there is an adventure element in the elopement. Wedding photography prices vary depending on all sort of factors but time is a fairly accurate guide. We’ve based the advice below on what we have experienced over the last decade of working at weddings as a photographer.

    2-3 hrs: Civil ceremonies / registrar weddings

    These intimate weddings tend to be a ceremony and portrait session only. Typically you will need a photographer around 2 or 3 hours, unless you are looking for portraits in a different place to your ceremony, which can add extra time to the photography. They are often in cities or towns so discussing and planning the portraits with your photographer is essential to getting wonderful photographs of your special day.

    3-6 hrs: Elopements

    Elopements tend to be a little longer than civil ceremonies as they often include getting ready and a longer portrait or adventure session. It’s not unusual to spend a couple of hours walking in the hills or hiking round a loch to get to a beautiful and secluded location for wedding portraits. Equally, a city elopement will likely need as much time to create beautiful and creative images to document the story and the emotions of your elopement. We’ve stood on as many roofs of hotels as as we’ve stood on peaks of mountains for Elopements.

    Your photographer will want to create a story of the day, rather than just a selection of portraits so allowing for enough time to document the different aspects of the elopement, as well as candid images between the different locations on the day can produce absolutely beautiful images and a wonderful memory of the occasion. Depending on your plans you’ll probably need your photographer between 3 and 6 hours.

    4-8 hrs: Micro-weddings

    Micro-weddings are much like a standard wedding day but with fewer guests and a more intimate feel. A micro wedding will usually have less than 50 guests with a focus on time spent with the ones you love on your wedding day. They can be multi-location events (registry then a restaurant) or intimate backyard affairs. Ideally one photographer should cover the wedding to integrate better on the day. Micro-weddings typically last between 4 and 8 hrs.

    The main theme of Micro-weddings is the connection to the people you wanted to be with you on your wedding day. The activities are often collaborative and communal, like sharing meals, playing music, singing and games. It’s important to discuss with your photographer how to capture the feel of the day and what activities are taking place so your photographer can plan how to document those memories and create a beautiful story from them.

    10 hrs: Large weddings

    This is the wedding day we are all most familiar with. We think ten hours is the sweet spot for large weddings. A typical timeline has a ceremony at 2pm and first dance at 8pm. We aim to arrive approximately two hours before the ceremony so ten hours gives a good amount of time to capture the start of the day through to dancing in the evening and allows for a set of images that tells a well-rounded story of the wedding.

    Services such as a pre-wedding session are very important for these weddings so you can build a relationship with your photographer. All weddings over 9 hrs get a FREE pre-wedding session because we believe it’s so important to planning and photographing these occasions.

    Additional photographers will help make the day run smoothly as well as allow for photographs to be captured in multiple locations at the same time, creating a less stressful, less hectic and more relaxed feeling on the day.

    For weddings like this it’s essential to speak to us so we can discuss what would best fit your needs and how to plan the photography for the wedding.

    Wedding photography Packages

    We think that a bespoke wedding photography price makes much more sense than only offering packages because it means we will have worked together to create a service that offers exactly what you need. 

    Our video option has been designed through feedback from couples to offer exactly what’s needed without risking intrusive filming. We create a 3 to 6 minute highlight of the whole day, as well as uninterrupted video of your ceremony and speeches.

    Pre-wedding sessions are essential to building a solid relationship with your photographer and preparing for being photographed on your wedding day. The session will allow us to work together to discover the best way to photograph you, without the pressure that a wedding day adds. It’s relaxed, fun and you’ll get some fantastic portraits of yourselves too!

    you also get…

    Three months access to an online gallery to download, share and print your images.

    Prints, albums and everything else

    We offer such a huge variety of printed products it would be a disservice to list them all here. Instead we thought we’d list some of the most popular items that are available within the store in your online gallery.


    All our small prints come from professional photography print labs. The gloss and matt prints are made on Fuji professional photo paper for the high quality and long-lasting prints with accurate colours. The difference between these prints and ones made in high-street labs are that the colours are more accurate and the prints will last more than a lifetime.

    If you’re interested in the difference that a professional lab vs a high street or online lab makes, this photographer went above and beyond to compare the differences…

    • Standard matt or gloss prints (6×4, 7×5… etc) start from £2.99
    • Fine art prints (deeper, richer longer lasting prints with absolutely no reflections) start from £4.99


    We offer two album options. A self build and a photographer designed wedding album.

    The self-build album is available from your online gallery. The album uses the same high quality paper and cover materials but you make the layout yourself, which saves you bunch of cash over having us design it for you. The compromise is that there are less ways to personalise your album as the choice of colours, materials and artistic techniques are reduced for simplicity and convenience.

    The photographer designed album allows much more customisation, personalisation and creativity in layouts and design.

    Which is our recommendation? We always say if you aren’t sure, make your own in your gallery first. If it’s not quite fitting with your ideas then get in touch with us and we’ll make one for you.

    As a comparison, the self build album is starts at £112.99 for 20 pages and the photographer designed album starts at £608 for 30 pages.

    Other interesting things available

    As well as prints and albums in your gallery store, you can also order thank-you cards, canvases, framed prints and usb sticks. If there’s anything you want that we don’t offer, let us know.