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How many photographers do I need?

    Short answer: Unless you have only a few guests then two is essential.

    At Fern Photography we approach weddings as creating a story of your day. Two photographers can allow the flexibility to be in two places at once. In a nutshell, two photographers means more variety of photos in more places with less stress for everyone.


    • Both of you will get a dedicated photographer in the morning for getting ready photos.
    • There will be less movement during the ceremony and more variety in the photos, particularly for guest reactions.
    • The reception can be covered at the same time as formal portraits are being done.
    • We can dedicate more time to capturing the styling, details and location of the wedding.

    We’d go as far as to say that the only reason not to have two photographers is that your wedding is smaller than 30 guests. For everything else, a second photographer makes everything better.

    You want more info? Cool…

    The Morning

    We think it’s a real shame when the morning photos are just one of you having fun. Having two photographers means that both of you will have a dedicated photographer in the morning.

    Whether you are both getting ready at your venue or somewhere else, if you aren’t getting ready together then it’s often not possible to capture both sides of the morning preparations. More often than not one person will have less of their story told.

    Having a photographer dedicated to each of you at this time will give you more variety and more creative images with less haste and less stress for everyone.

    What a way for the groomsmen to start the day.

    The Ceremony

    During your ceremony we can limit our movement and avoiding being a distraction whilst also allowing us to get the best variety of shots.

    A big concern for couples is that their photographer won’t be intrusive on the day. Having two photographers during the ceremony means that we can make sure that we aren’t intrusive during this very special part of the wedding. With two photographers we can place ourselves in key positions and limit our movement. This means your guests can focus on you and not be distracted by us and what we’re doing. Being in two places also means we can capture two angles at once. That helps with creating powerful and beautiful images of moments such as you entering the ceremony, saying vows, placing rings on fingers etc.

    The Reception

    The reception is probably the busiest and most intense part of the day for us as photographers. there’s a lot to do and a limited amount of time to do it in. On top of that we must ensure that we are enhancing your day and not the reason you didn’t get to enjoy your drinks, canapés and chats with your guest.

    Two photographers means that while one concentrates on creating great family portraits and natural and romantic couple portraits the other can capture relaxed and candid images of your guests. Once the portraits are done then the first photographer can switch to getting all the details, styling and ambience that you created for the wedding. This means there are no compromises and a good variety of images. Additionally, having a second photographer gives us time for creative thought which leads to more interesting and unique images.

    Groom and family video chatting before the wedding ceremony

    The rest of the day

    For the rest of the day, having a second photographer continues to offer benefits. Evening time can be a great opportunity for more creative and unique portraits. While one photographer is capturing the dancing the other can set up equipment in preparation for a few more shots. That means we can create awesome images and not have you away from the fun for more than a few minutes.

    When one photographer is best

    Having one photographer cover your wedding can be perfect if your wedding has a smaller guest list. In this situation having one photographer is less intrusive i.e. we can blend in better with the guests.

    Flexibility is definitely one of our strong points. If you are having a larger wedding and only want one photographer a beautiful story of the day is totally manageable with planning to ensure the things most important to you are photographed. Sometimes small changes will have a big positive effect, such as shifting the family photographs to between the end of the meal and the start of the first dance or having one of you get ready earlier so that both people’s mornings can be photographed.