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Wedding photography highlight

    If purchased before your wedding, we are able to allocate resources to picking and editing a selection of images from your wedding. This is typically 25 to 75 photos and they are uploaded within 24 hours or one week, depending on the option picked. This is a great way to reflect and relive those moments from your wedding day, some of which you may not even know happened. It also allows you to share some of your wild, delightful and emotional moments with your closest friends and family immediately.

    Offering this service is similar to hiring a content creator for your wedding. content creators take all the same photos and video we do, however if we do it that’s one less person running around your wedding, giving you, your family and friends more space to enjoy the day as a celebration.

    We know everybody is extremely excited and often can’t wait to see how much fun people were having and your social media is often a call that can’t be ignored. That is why we created this add on, to help satisfy those desires until you get the finished product.