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Wedding albums

    “I…Breathed In That Perfume Of Paper And Magic That Strangely No-One Had Thought Of Bottling”.


    We work hard behind the scenes to bring you what we think are the best wedding albums that we can find. By best, we mean fantastic build quality, fantastic print quality and beautiful looking albums. So, why are we doing this. Who wants an album now? 

    Well, we think everyone should have one.


    TL;DR You can hold a wedding album in your hands and the images look better.

    There is no denying that online galleries are very convenient. They let you store your photos without taking up a physical space in your home, they allow you to share your favourite images with family and friends and they are accessible whenever you want them.

    That’s great, but the downside to digital images that have emotional significance is loosing out on the quality of colour and the physical connection to those memories.We can only speak from personal experience but the times when we’ve been most moved by images it’s been because we love the people and the moment but also the connection was deeper because we could hold that memory in our hands. Not only that, professionally printed images have a far higher quality than the vast majority of computer screens. At least 35% more colour for the techies out there.

    The internet isn’t capable of displaying all the colours captured in our cameras. When you’re looking at images of a special occasion, if you are looking at them digitally you are looking at the least best version of them. Lastly, printing on paper allows for designs that account for human vision.

    Typically images online are viewed one after the other. They loose their context when displayed like this, especially the candid moments. Wedding album spreads are designed to show wonderful images that tell a story. The album becomes more than the sum of its parts and enhances the experience of looking back through the memories.


    Create your own album within your online wedding gallery and make a huge saving. Printed on professional photographic paper known for it’s durability and fingerprint resistant finish, with a choice of linen covers. All albums are presented in an eco-friendly box.

    • Pages: Min. 10 spreads, max 55 spreads 
    • Sizes: 20x20cm, 25x25cm
    • Cover: Linen with a choice of text

    The Contemporary Album

    Our Contemporary wedding album, designed by us in collaboration with you is a modern take on a classic.