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Choosing a place to get ready.

    There are a few things to consider for photography when you are getting ready. Choosing a getting ready space with these considerations will have a positive impact on your photos


    Is the place you are going to get ready in dark? We don’t necessarily need a place with lot and lots of light but the type of light is very important to the final look of the photos. Large windows letting in lots of light can really improve images, so can rooms decorated in colours that compliment skin tones. Ideally avoid red rooms, very dark rooms with little natural light. The ideal spaces have good natural light and wood or pastel coloured decoration.


    How many people are getting ready in the space vs. how big space actually is. If the room is very busy then it can get cluttered and messy looking very quickly. If you have lots of stuff to bring in the morning then aim to store it in nice looking bags (unbranded natural materials) rather than plastic bags.

    It’s also great if we have space to move around while your other vendors work on hair/makeup. We want to avoid getting in their way so they can do a great job.

    AirBnb is a great place to find nice spaces to get ready in the morning and though it may not seem like it, upgrading to a hotel suite will pay off when you look back on the images.

    Special moments

    Let us know if you will be giving gifts in the morning, and if you are please wait for us before you open your gifts. We don’t want to miss these moments.