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Are there any restrictions we should know about?

    Sometimes the venue or celebrant have restrictions on where we are allowed to stand (i.e. not on the alter, only at the back, not in the venue at all) or have restrictions on equipment (such as flashes) which would have an impact on your images.

    A month before your wedding date we send out a form to gather specific information about your wedding schedule and other pertinent details. We also encourage you to arrange a call with us to chat about these things too. The more information we have the better we can plan the photography.

    Styling for your wedding day

    Styling for your wedding day is very important, there’s no denying it. There are so many choices for how to decorate your wedding that it’s almost overwhelming but we appreciate all that time you put in to making your day wonderful. We’re eager to make sure that we capture the beauty of the day and the effort you put in to making it look that way. Sometimes the decisions that are made for styling and decorating for a wedding can have a dramatic impact on the wedding images, but it’s not always a positive one. We love to know as early on as possible what your plans are so we can help make sure we plan for the photography too.

    It is our responsibility as professional photographers to create the best possible images in whichever situation we find ourselves in. Of course, best is a highly subjective term so what we mean here is…

    • As authentically as we can while maintaining a high standard of colour, tone and style in the photographs

    We want to photograph your wedding in the most authentic way we can. We do this because we feel that authentically representing the day is the best way to remember it through photography. Sometimes styling decisions can have a detrimental effect on the images so it’s helpful if you include us in your styling plans so we can advise on the best way possible to use light and decoration to enhance the wedding day and not negatively impact on the photographs.

    As you make plans and take advice from your venue, co-ordinator, planner or stylist let us know how those plans are coming together. If we’re included in those conversations then we can let you know if we think there will be any issues and avoid them.

    What type of things should you look out for?

    LED lights, lighting position & brightness and the timing of the ceremony during the darker months are important considerations, the position and size of floral arrangements too. Small changes in these things can have a huge positive impact on the images.

    For example, using fairy lights behind you as a main light source may mean we have to use flash during the ceremony. Having brighter light source in-front of you will counteract the negative effects of the backlit scene. This is the same advice for getting married in-front of a large window. If there are other large windows to let in light then it’s all good, if the only windows are behind you then we’ll have to use flash to compensate. Large centre pieces on tables can obscure people during the speeches. We regularly have to move floral arrangements from the top table so we can see you during the speeches so planning a flatter arrangement or even an arrangement that is floor standing to level with the table will look every bit as beautiful but won’t get in the way. In the winter months when the days are shorter it can help a lot if the ceremony takes place earlier in the day if you are hoping to have photographs outside in daylight. Here in Scotland in winter it begins to get too dark to take portraits after 2pm. Of course, if you are happy to have portraits indoors only then that’s fine but knowing this before hand can help us meet expectations and avoid disappointment.

    Let us know what your plans are well before the wedding so we can help make sure it’s as beautiful in the photographs as it was on the day. You can get in touch with us any time you like. We encourage it because it means we’re working together to plan beautiful images for your wedding day.

    It’s great to share your ideas with us on services like WhatsApp. That allows us to have quick and simple conversations and let us all send images of the lighting or decorations that are being decided upon.