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When will we get our photos?

    Short Answer

    Within 6 weeks unless a highlight is included in your package. 

    Long Answer

    We do everything we can to be as quick as possible to deliver your photos because we know how excited you are to see them. We also don’t want to rush the job and miss picking epic photos or poorly edit skintones (don’t want anyone looking accidentally green). We use AI to help us speed up the process but a human touch is always needed to refine and perfect the final images.

    Backup and Security

    You might think this would come at the end but we take backups very seriously. We start with having two memory cards in our cameras which means we save every image twice. As soon as we’re back in the office we upload all your photos to our computers and Dropbox. This means that they are in at least three places including in the cloud. It takes quite a lot of time and capacity to store so many photos (when we last checked we had 39TB on Dropbox) but we want everything as safe as possible.

    Volume of Photos

    We take an incredible number of images, up to 12,000 for a one day wedding. We do this because we want to try to capture all the beautiful moments and sometimes we just get so caught up that we don’t stop. Taking multiple photos each time we press the button really helps capture your perfect facial expression and you looking in the correct direction (this is the same thing Google does with it’s camera app). We try to capture as much as we can on the day including all the things we think you might want to remember (everything). So it is probably better to overshoot and have too many photos to go through. As you can imagine looking through 1,000s of photos takes many hours of work to pick all the fabulous ones. That being said, delivering 10,000+ photos would be a poor experience too. We have learned that 400-500 images is a good number for a 10 hour wedding. Less is more, as they say.

    Artistic Touch

    There are many steps we take to edit a RAW photo which is flat, grey and uninteresting, into an eye-catching, vibrant image you’ll love. These include colour correction, exposure adjustments, cropping, and spot editing. We want your entire wedding to have a consistent look from start to finish and sometimes that’s quite the battle with different lighting situations between rooms. We make it easier for ourselves by working with other photographers who photograph in a similar way to us with similar settings and approaches.

    Quality Control

    Finally, we have to look through everything we’ve done to make sure we made the correct decisions. This is another one of those times we really appreciate working with each other and multiple other photographers as we can get second opinions on our creative choices. 


    Once everything is done and we are happy, we upload everything to your gallery and send you the link to enjoy. This is a link you can share with friends and family and whoever has the link can print their own photos.


    We do everything we can to get to know you and understand what you want from your wedding day and our photos. This helps us capture the day in a way you’ll love. We ask about who and what is important to you on your wedding day so we can aim to capture them on camera. Sometimes when we’re picking photos we might miss an important person or you might want some of the colour photos in black and white. This is why we allow one free revision. 

    After all this, we can be sure that what you receive will be a treasured story for a lifetime.