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Processing and editing your images

    Sometimes we get questions about this part of our wedding photography contract

    Our editing includes colour, hue and tone adjustments. We do not do spot editing as standard (e.g. removal of fire exit signs), tattoo removal or body shaping. However, We do provide these services at an hourly rate. 

    So… what does it all mean?

    When we come to process your images we as photographers have to make decisions based on practical and ethical issues. There is a great deal of responsibility as the curator of a wedding story and how we approach realising the final set of images has to take that in to consideration.

    Ethical reasons

    As a company we want to be inclusive and offer positive representations of all people so one of the main editing choices is how far should we go to manipulate a person’s physical appearance.

    To that end, we take the position that anything that’s temporary (like a skin blemish, rash, pimple etc…) we’re happy to remove as part of our normal workflow. The same with stray strands of hair, half-closed eyes, misshapen clothing and the like. These things are not “who you are” so they don’t need to be immortalised in your wedding images. Permanent things like wrinkles, tattoos, scars etc we leave in the image because we see them as part of who you are.

    There is always something that is borderline, weight is an obvious example. People come in all shapes and sizes and we are not the judges of which body type is ideal or what your particular shape “should” be, because there is no should as far as we’re concerned. We don’t manipulate body shapes to conform to outdated characterisations of people. We feel very strongly about this. Inclusivity means understanding and welcoming difference and uniqueness in each and every person and that there is no standard or perfect version of a human.

    That said, we’re not monsters and if you want to have these things removed or tidied up then we’re more than happy to do it at your request.

    Practical reasons

    This one is a little simpler to explain. We have to balance the time it takes to edit images with how much we charge for our service, alongside how often people want certain things to happen. Running a business is essentially an exercise in compromise and convenience over price.

    We very, very rarely get asked to remove fire exit signs or other objects from images. When we do it’s very time consuming to remove objects from lots of images while making sure the images still look real and unaltered. For this reason we’ve decided to not remove these objects as standard but we will do so if requested.


    So what is our hourly rate for this sort of thing: It’s £60 per hour (as of 13 Oct 2020)