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How to make sure your wedding video is amazing

    The requirements for photography and video is quite different. Planning your wedding day with some of these tips will help make sure that your wedding video is the very best it can be.

    Timing thought the day

    Setting up video equipment takes time and while that’s happening it’s usually not possible to capture any video of any activity while that’s happening. Consider space in your timeline for your videographer to set up equipment so that they don’t have to leave during an important moment.


    if we are filming you getting ready we will need to set aside 20 mins


    It’s important that we get told when you will be arriving to start the ceremony on the day. Typically one of you will be waiting in the ceremony space for the second person to arrive. It’s better for us to start our audio and video equipment just before you enter the room, rather than have it running for 15 -20 mins waiting for a delay. When the second person arrives we advise that you pause at the entrance and ask your co-ordinator or a guest to give us the thumbs up to start the recording. We have a number of devices that we need to start then we need to take up position to start filming. 


    Portrait session

    Your photographer is in charge during the day and we take a lead from them around where to go and what’s happening. During your portrait session is a great time for us to get those intimate and special shots for video but we need different things to your photographer.

    and filming guests